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Organize a(ny)
project in minutes

New job. New client. New timeline. New doubts?

Not on BeeWits! 

Want to create without headaches? Hand over the boring bits to BeeWits. And focus on the work you enjoy.

  Always know
  what's next

Don’t let work fall through the cracks.

  With all your to-dos at a glance, you’ll know exactly
  what’s been done and what’s left to do.

  All conversations and assigned tasks
  will happen in one place, so everything
  is actionable and transparent.

You, your clients, your teams. All in sync.

Awesome web projects need awesome teams - but keeping everyone in the loop can be a headache. BeeWits has re-imagined the web project management scenario, keeping everyone from web designers and developers to agencies and clients in sync. 

We've saved so much time since we started using BeeWits!


Freelancer Designer and Project Co-ordinator

Damn it's easy! Finally, I can keep my projects organized without feeling locked in.


Web Design Freelancer